Movement, flow and breathing
70 asanas vinyasa flow yoga

Art direction, edition, design and production.

"The body cannot be separated from the mind, nor the reason from the soul. Separate from the soul. No one can define the boundaries between them."  (B.K.S. Iyengar).

"Movement, flow and breath" was born in 2015. This project has mutated in its materials and techniques throughout
the years, travels, and people who have crossed the path.
Its materials and techniques are mutated to share this special edition for Archivo Leche.

Each piece and technique used in this book result from a process of search and a method of investigation and decision to achieve a natural, unique, and creative development.

Creative result. Representing yoga and what it makes us feel through paper and image. The asanas themselves are the main element of this book. The report, the technique used, and the printing is only a complement and representation of it.

This edition has ten copies, all handmade, printed with vegetable ink, and contained in 100% rayon cloth. It is manufactured with and as environmentally friendly as possible.

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