From better to good e-commerce

Every day we live with technology that can be associated with addictive and harmful behaviors. Automated systems with biases that exclude minority groups, business models implemented on databases, and practices that utilize cognitive psychology to manipulate people in their decision-making, among many others. In the context of e-commerce, these are conflicts that raise an ethical dilemma about the rights of individuals as consumers, specifically about issues such as fair treatment, privacy, and freedom.
Design acts as a mediator in how technological products can change people's behaviors and thus the individual and collective implications this has.
The following project: 'From better to good e-commerce,' proposes a tool that guides and advises designers' daily decisions to reinforce the user experience through an ethical approach. It consists of a concrete task guide based on nine principles that guide these decisions: Safety, Inclusivity and Fairness, Respect for Autonomy, Accessibility, Transparency, Virtue, Responsibility, Social Benefit, and Sustainability.

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